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Milton Road Primary School

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Who’s Who

Senior Leadership Team


Headteacher & National Leader of Education 

  • Mrs R Snape 

Deputy Headteacher

  • Mrs N Burton

Early Years Leader (ages 4 to 5)

  • Ms F Croft

Key Stage 1 Leader

  • Mrs J Morgan 

Key Stage 2 Leader

  • Mr G Williams


Inclusion Leader

  • Mrs A Hall


Office & HR Manager

  • Mrs F Stratford


Business Manager

  • Mrs M Wright 


Foundation Stage Teachers

  • Ms F Croft
  • Miss Hartshorne


Key Stage 1 Teachers

  • Ms S Boyd
  • Mrs C MacArthur
  • Mrs B Maborukoje
  • Mrs Morgan (KS1 Leader)
  • Ms Sharp


Key Stage 2 Teachers

  • Ms K Watson
  • Miss J Smith

  • Miss G Wild
  • Mrs J Cobbe
  • Miss T Webb
  • Ms A Lawrence
  •  Mrs D Nicholas
  • Mrs A Bulman
  • Mr G Williams
  • Mrs M Williams


Teaching Assistants

  • Miss L Bell
  • Mrs F Brown-Roche (HLTA)
  • Mrs G Cook
  • Mrs D Dasher
  • Mrs S Gray
  • Mrs E Harris
  • Mrs J Jones
  • Mrs M Maltby
  • Ms S McGivern
  • Miss J McKee
  • Mrs M Milward (also Play Leader)

  • Mrs A Perlik 
  • Mrs H Prasad

  • Mrs R Reehal 

  • Mr A Reviejo Pastor
  • Dr M Roberts

Midday Supervisors

Midday Coordinator 

  • Ms L Seymour 
  • Mr T Nethercott 

Midday Supervisor

  • Mrs N Burgess
  • Mrs M Piemonte (Playleader)
  • Mrs S Hetmank 


In addition, some teaching assistants also supervise at lunchtimes.

Teaching staff who may also teach your children

  • Mrs F Brown-Roche

  • Mrs C Moal

  • Mrs D Nicholas PPA Class Teacher​​​​​​​


Office Staff

  • Mrs C Bretten (Finance Administrator)
  • Miss R Gouveia (Admin Officer)
  • Miss Y Harris-Hercules (School Administrator)
  • Mrs F Stratford ( Office and HR Manager)
  • Mrs M Wright (Business Manager)

Site Officer

  • Mr J Blakeman