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School Uniform - School Clothing

Identity is one of our curriculum words and we want every child to feel that they can express themselves through their choice of clothes.


However, although we say that we are a "no uniform" school at Milton Road Primary, this does not mean we do not have high expectations for what children should wear to ensure they are dressed appropriately for the learning opportunities in school.


  • From September 2023 Football Kits must not be worn as school clothing
  • Similarly to avoid invidiousness, clothing with big logos, or overt branding/fashion labels must not be worn
  • Indoor shoes are mandatory for all children and not optional 
  • School PE Kits should ideally be the uniform ones procured from the suppliers below. If this is not possible a PE Kit as close to the one described below should be provided for your child. 
  • For safety, the only jewellery permisible, are small ear studs and these must be removed by the child for PE lessons. 


We expect all children to wear appropriate clothing for the range of activities and for the time of year.

This is particularly true when children have PE lessons or when they are in the Wonder Woods for Forest School. We want our children to be able to spend lots of time outside and to play and learn outside. Parents/carers therefore need to send their child to school in clothing that is suitable for the weather and the time of the year.


At Milton Road we say, there is no such thing as bad weather only the wrong clothing


Indoor shoes

Indoor shoes are mandatory and are an essential requirement of our clothing policy. All children must have a change of shoes. When children come in from playing outside in rain and mud, we want them to be able to change into dry soft clean shoes so that dirt is not brought into the school and children are not sitting on dirty carpets.

Indoor shoes must be a clearly distinguishable alternative to outdoor shoes, e.g. a second pair of trainers is not suitable as indoor shoes as this would confuse children. Indoor shoes can be e.g. plimsolls, slippers, or crocs that children can change in and out of easily.


Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly labelled with your child’s name. 



Only the smallest of studs should be worn with pierced ears and these must be removed by the child for P.E. lessons.

PE Uniform

PE, Sports and Games are a key component of our active curriculum. For PE and Games lessons all children without exception are expected to wear the Milton Road PE kit. This is royal blue P.E t-shirts and navy shorts. Please see below and purchase before 1st August to ensure that your child has this before start of the new academic year. 


There is cut off date of 1st August for online orders to be delivered in time for the start of an academic term.


Forest School

Children should ideally have waterproofs to go over clothing for when they go to Forest School, and a pair of wellington boots. 


Compliance and Support

We anticipate that all parents will support the school by complying with in the clothing policy and that there will be no exceptions. Where children do not have the correct clothing or equipment, teachers will contact parents/carers by SeeSaw to alert them. Contacting parents about such matters places an additional demand on teachers time and also potentially puts colleagues in a difficult position. We would like to avoid having to contact parents/carers about such matters, so your support of this clothing policy is therefore appreciated. 


We completely understand and accept that there may be challenges for some parents/carer in procuring the correct clothing or shoes and where this is the case, please let the office know in confidence. As a school we always support families in such matters, so please do not hesitate to have a word with one of the team and we promise we will help. Thank you 


Sweatshirts are available in a range of sizes. Colours: Navy Blue; Red

Polo Shirt

Polo Shirts are available in a range of sizes. Colours: Navy blue; Red

Polo Fleece

Fleeces are available in a range of sizes.

Colours: Navy blue; Red

PE T-Shirt

PE T-Shirts are available in a range of sizes.

Colours: Blue 

PE Shorts

Milton Road Primary School PE shorts are available in a range of sizes. Colour: Blue

School Sports Bag

Milton Road Primary School Sports Bags are available to purchase. Colour: Blue


The School Book Bag



The School Book Bag is used to enable children to take home and bring back books from school to read at home.

It is encouraged for all children to have one.

School book bags can be purchased via ScoPay once your child is registered at the school.

If you have your log in details you can click here and order one.

Once you have purchased a book bag please let the office know and they can either pass it to you or to your child's class teacher.

If you have any problems please contact the office on the details below and they will be happy to help. 



Phone: 01223 712333