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Milton Road Primary School

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School Grounds

Security Gates & Car Park

Our school site is protected by security gates that are locked during the school day. 

Whilst they are open during drop off and pick, for the safety of children, the school car park must not be used during those times except for those with a school issued parking permit.



If you/ your child(ren) cycle to school, we kindly ask that you dismount at the school gate and walk your bicycle (or scooter) to the bike sheds. It is also very important to ensure that your bicycle/scooter is locked and secure. The school cannot be held responsible for loss or theft.


Dogs on site

We politely ask that no dogs are brought on to the school site, whether on a lead or a carrier.


No Smoking site

Our school has a no smoking policy. Please refrain from smoking both cigarettes and e-cigarettes on school property.