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Local and National Partnerships

Milton Road Primary School is pleased to work in collaboration with a wide range of partnerships. This approach is in keeping with our vision and ethos. We will continue to add to this page over time. Please contact us at if you are a local or national business or organisation that is interested in working with us. Thank you. 



We are pleased to work with Lunchtime Company who provide delicious school meals for the children and colleagues and parents to enjoy as well as providing our Conference catering. 


We are delighted to work with Premier Education who provide wrap-around care for our pupils on site, as well as a range of clubs for the children to enjoy. They are also one of our providers for of our Teachers' weekly PPA time (planning, preparation and assessment). 




We are delighted to work in partnership with Form The Future a local Community Interests Company that works to support schools to deliver impactful careers education, giving students the opportunity to learn from and with employers.


 We are pleased to work in partnership with Anglia Ruskin University, in a number of different ways, including hosting trainee Social Worker placements. 


We are proud to also work with University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education which we also do in a number of different ways including hosting trainee Teachers and contributing to the curriculum partnership board. 


Milton Road is thrilled to be one of the founding members of the sponsoring committee of the Cambridge chapter of Citizens UK. Citizens UK is the UK’s biggest, most diverse, and most effective people-powered alliance. We’re bringing together everyday people and local organisations to build a better, fairer society.



We are proud to be one of the founding organisations of My Cambridge Cultural Educational Partnership. This partnership aims to ensure that every young person in Cambridge should be able to confidently construct their own cultural life, drawing on and feeling connected to the whole of the city in which they live.