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Ofsted and Performance Data

Our Performance - "The evidence gathered suggests that the inspection grade might be outstanding"


We were very pleased to welcome our colleagues from OfSTED on the 21st and 22nd May 2024. The process was very useful, purposeful and supportive for us as a school and we were thrilled by the Ofsted outcome.


Outcome: There has been no change to this school’s overall judgement of good as a result of this ungraded (section 8) inspection. However, the evidence gathered suggests that the inspection grade might be outstanding if a graded (section 5) inspection were carried out now. The school’s next inspection will be a graded inspection.


Here are some key points from the Ofsted Report:


  • Pupils thrive in this nurturing school which provides excellent pastoral care, as well as the support pupils receive from staff, they also benefit from the care they receive from each other.
  • Adults continually support pupils to achieve highly in all areas.
  • Pupils demonstrate a deep love of learning.
  • They consistently display high standards of behaviour and resilience as they tackle challenging work.
  • The school has developed an ambitious curriculum that expertly utilises the local area as the starting point to develop pupils' learning.
  • They (pupils) enjoy the serene environment in which they learn.


Mrs Rae Snape, together with our dedicated teaching CREW and governing body, is committed to building on the school's success so far and achieving educational excellence for Milton Road Primary School. 


We look forward to when Ofsted return and have created a Post Ofsted School Improvement plan to guide us on the next part of our journey. 

School Performance Data

Financial Information

There are no employees in the school that have a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more in increments of £10,000