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Home Learning


Professor Janet Goodall of Bath University, says that parents' active involvement in their child's education has a significant impact on their academic achievement, behaviour and attitude towards school and can have more of an impact on outcomes than the quality of school that a child attends. 


At Milton Road we value parents as "Partners in Learning" and appreciate parents as the child's first teacher. We want to work as closely with you as possible in addition to encouraging you to support your child's learning at home as much as possible. 


Learning at Home takes many forms, reading stories to your child, helping to learn spellings and times tables but the most important activity is talking with your child and allowing them time to learn about the world through walks and visits to interesting places and supporting them to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions. 


To compliment the in-school curriculum teachers will invite children to undertake a variety of activities at home including tasks and projects. In March 2020 Milton Road implemented SeeSaw Learning Platform as a way to communicate with families and to provide teaching and learning opportunities.  We will continue to use this moving forward and look forward to seeing all the wonderful outcomes of the children's learning in school and at home!