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School Policies & Procedures

At the end of February 2022, the Government published its Living With Covid doocument. 


This document outlines the government’s plan for living with COVID-19. This plan - underpinned by vaccines - will remove the remaining legal domestic restrictions while continuing to protect people most vulnerable to COVID-19 and maintaining resilience. 


The school monitors attendance and pupil illness carefully and works closely with the LA if support is needed. The school promotes hygiene, handwashing and ventilation and has good experience of stepping up or down mitigation measures to minimise transmission of cornonavirus or other transmissable community illnesses.  A document of these measures is available from the school office on request. 


The school is aware that due to lockdown and other factors, pupils have missed a lot of schooling over the past two years whihc has had an impact on thier social, academic, and emotional development. A raft of support is in place to meet the needs of individual children including play-therapy, counselling and 1:1 tuition. Please speak to your child's class teacher if you have any concerns about your child's achievement and/or progress. As part of the Parent Pledge announced in the DfE's White Paper for Education, parents/carers will be kept informed of the steps the school is taking to address any gaps in your child's learning and progress and this will be shared with you in person as well as in written Termly Reports. 


Parents/carers can also read about our Catch-Up plan here. 


Statutory Policies 

For ease of navigation around the policies we have separated them into 5 areas:


  • Curriculum Policies
  • Pastorial Policies
  • Safeguarding & Child Protection Policies
  • Business & Communication Policies
  • Human Resources Policies


Curriculum Policies

The following are the Curriculum Policies that are reviewed by the subject and faculty leaders in the school in partnership with the Teaching & Learning Governors Committee. They are reviewed approximately every two years (by 31st October) or whenever significant changes are needed. 

Pastorial Policies

The following are the Pastorial policies that are reviewed by the leadership team in partnership with the Teaching & Learning Governor Committee. They are reviewed approx annually or whenever significant change is needed.

Safeguarding & Child Protection Policies

The following are Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies which are reviewed annually by the Deputy Head teacher in the Summer Term in partnership with the Co-Chair of Governors and the Safeguarding Governor.


These must be read by all staff and volunteers as part of induction and in preparation for the start of every new academic year. 

Business & Communications Policies

The following are the Business & Communications Policies reflecting the operational activities of the school and its wider remit in the community. These policies are reviewed annually by the School Business Manager in Partnership with the Governors Resources Committee.

Human Resources (HR) Policies

The following are HR Policies which are reviewed by the school's HR lead & Business Manager in partnership with the Governor Resources Committee.