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Pupil Premium

Milton Road Primary School receives a Pupil Premium Grant for:

  • Each child who is entitled to receive Free School Meals or who has been entitled to this at any point over the last six years; 

  • For any child who has been in local authority care for one day or more;

  • For any child from an armed service family.


We aim for every single one of our pupil premium funded children, for whom there are no additional barriers to learning, to reach at least national expectations in all areas.


As a minimum, we want this group to at least match the level at which all non-disadvantaged pupils nationally, and within the school, achieve – both with regard to attainment and progress.


We also want the attendance of our pupil premium funded children to at least match the attendance of all non-disadvantaged pupils nationally and within the school.


For pupil premium funded children with additional barriers to learning, we want this group to at least match equivalent national outcomes with regard to attainment and progress, We have largely targeted our additional pupil premium funding on:

  • Extra staffing

  • Extra support

  • Pastoral care

  • Enriching experiences

We monitor those children who generate Pupil Premium funding and carefully evaluate the impact of the support they are given to ensure that funds are spent on helping them make good or better progress.

Our current priorities are:

  • To accelerate rates of progress, where necessary, to ensure that pupils in receipt of pupil premium funding, including those with additional barriers to learning, achieve outcomes in line with the school's expectations.

  • To provide additional adult support, where necessary, to facilitate emotional development, counselling sessions and small group work and to provide associated staff training to deliver these sessions effectively.

  • To ensure equality of access to experiences in order to broaden horizons for eligible pupils.


Reports and evaluations of the Pupil Premium spending from previous years are published below to give evidence as to how the school used this additional funding, working in the best interests of the children. There is also a projected plan for spending this academic year. Obviously, all information in these reports is given generally with no reference, at any point, made to individuals.

If you believe your child could qualify for this extra funding, which is invaluable throughout the school to provide us with additional support, please do let us know at:

We would be very happy support you with the simple application process to ensure your child receives the funding to which they are entitled.