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Fundamental British Values


As of September 2014, the DfE requires all schools to promote the historical and current values that underpin the national identity known as 'Being British'. As such, all schools are required to ensure that their curriculum actively promotes these fundamental British values. There are five British Values that we encourage the children and community to know by heart using the five fingers on the hand as a mnemonic. Tolerance and Mutual Respect are sometimes counted as one value together, but it helps to separate them in order to use the mnemonic effectivley. Have a go at learning the Fundamental British Values using the actions in italics. 

The Five Fundamental British Values:

  • Democracy - Respect for democracy and support for participation in the democratic process. (Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down)

  • Rule of Law - Respect for the basis on which the law is made and applies in England. Knowing the difference between right and wrong. (Pointing or wagging first finger)

  • Tolerance of Religions and Cultures - Understanding and knowledge of world cultures, faiths and beliefs. (Tallest finger pointing to God/ a Church Spire/a Minerret)

  • Mutual Respect - Mutual Respect for all people, knowledge of and respect for the protected characterisitcs (Ring finger, mutual respect in marriage and civil and other partnerships)

  • Individual liberty, Understanding of individual rights and responsibilities, support and respect for the liberties of all, within the law. (Little finger I = self, i for individual)

At Milton Road Primary School, we have four core values that underpin our aims, ethos and ways of working:

CREW - Courage, Responsibility, Excellence, Wisdom


These also support us in promoting British Values, as they are well aligned.

The links below show how we seek to actively promote British Values in our school

Teaching British Values


British values are taught throughout the school curriculum which includes through specific lessons as well as through assemblies, such as No Outsiders Assemblies.

CREW Time, class discussion, and PHSE and Citizenship lessons are all ways in which British Values are taught and understood. All classes from Foundation Stage to Year 6 incorporate Primary Picture News into their weekly teaching offer. Each week a current news story is discussed, alongside an inspiring image, and a thought-provoking question. In addition to teaching British Values the weekly topics link to the United Nations Sustainable Goals. 


Parents/carers can see what themes have been explored this term by downloading this document.