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Volunteering in our school

As a school, we greatly appreciate the invaluable additional support which can be provided by volunteers. Many parents and friends of the school give their time willingly to help in all aspects of the curriculum on a regular or occasional basis. You can read about some of our volunteers' experiences, below.

If you are interested in becoming a parent volunteer, please contact Ali Hall, our Inclusion Coordinator, via the school office.

Volunteers' experiences


Maria Roberts



My name is Maria, I have a background in biological sciences, with 20 years experience in the biotechnology industry. Volunteering at school has been a very rewarding experience. The children and staff are enthusiastic, creative and fun to work with. There’s a great sense of achievement in supporting the development of children through your knowledge and life skills. An added bonus is that you get to learn a lot along the way! Over the last eight years, I’ve rehoused woodlice as part of a science experiment, practised split digraphs, joined in with number line dancing and witnessed ‘The Great Fire of London’ through the imaginations of 7 year olds. Recently, I’ve focussed on numeracy support for those children that need a confidence boost to aid their mathematical skills.

Mike Bleazard



I volunteer in the school by helping out with a Creative Coding Club. Whilst working with the children at the club, as they used the IT equipment, it struck me that there must be a wealth of knowledge and resources that could be drawn upon to greatly improve the school's computers, with many of the children's' parents working for successful high-tech companies. I felt this was an area in which, with the help of others, I could potentially make a difference. There is much to be done but it's very rewarding to be able to give something back to the school."