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We wish you a very warm welcome to Reception at Milton Road Primary School.


We have made exciting changes to to the Early Years Foundation Stage environment, to allow your child to play freely indoors and outdoors. Opportunities to choose their own learning, coupled with teacher led sessions, are designed to stimulate creativity and learning, all reflecting our Early Year's ethos.


We are excited and passionate about supporting your child on their journey and we invite and encourage you to be an integral part of this process. 


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Foundation stage have settled back into their learning and routines beautifully! We have been reading ‘The Gingerbread Man’ this week. We have learnt the story using actions which has been great fun! The children came up with some inventive ways to help the gingerbread man cross the river.

In phonics we have been revisiting the sounds we have already learnt and reading words, captions and sentences.

In handwriting we have been focussing on curly caterpillar letters- c, a, o, d, e, s, q, g. These letters all start with the correct formation of the letter c. Please help your child practise these letters at home.  For reference please look at the sound mat we sent home after our phonics workshop. If you need another copy please come and find us, we have spares!

In maths we have looked at number...

Happy holidays everybody!

We have been getting ready for Christmas at school. We have been busy making salt dough stars, carefully measuring out the ingredients we need to apply our maths skills. We have also been learning about the numbers 9 and 10. 

In phonics we have learnt y, z, zz, and qu as well as tricky words: ‘me’ and ‘be’. Please make sure you consolidate this learning with your child at home as we will be moving onto the rest of phase 3 after the holidays.

Last week we talked about voting and we had our own election to choose a Christmas story to read. 

The children really enjoyed their Christmas party and making hats for their delicious Christmas lunch. It was lovely to reflect on all the fun we have had this term and all the new friends made!

Wishing you a very merry Christmas from...

As usual we have had a very busy week in Foundation Stage. We have been learning all about animals that hibernate. We have been looking at non-fiction books and finding out lots of facts. Maybe you could pop in to Milton Road library on the way back from school and check out the non-fiction section. We also looked at recipes and had a go at making our very own Hedgehog bread rolls. 

In maths our number of the week has been number 8. The children have been busy counting forwards and backwards to 8 as well as finding different ways to make 8. We have also been focusing on sorting and classifying different objects by size, shape and colour. By classifying and sorting, logical thinking is applied to everyday objects, which is important for later mathematics. Maybe you could could encourage your...

As the weather has started to cool down we have been thinking about winter. The first frosty mornings caused great excitement. The children had fun exploring the ice in our garden prompting lots of impromptu scientific experiments to investigate melting. We read One Snowy Night by Nick Butterworth and challenged ourselves to make beds for the different animals who had been caught in the storm. Why not check out the story at Milton Road library, or watch it on youtube.

In phonics we have learnt l, ll, ss, as well as tricky words ‘to’ and ‘into’. Next week we will be moving onto phase 3.

In maths we have been focussing on the number 7. We have been challenging the children to make 7 in different ways as well as recognising the numeral. This week we have also been on a shape hunt around school....

Wow- what a busy week in Foundation Stage! On Monday we talked about Remembrance Day. We watched a beautiful short animation film together We worked collaboratively to create a huge poppy as well as making our own interpretations. The children were so respectful as they stood with the rest of the school for two minutes of quiet reflection time. We were very proud of them!

Our learning this week has been based on the Percy the Park Keeper story ‘After the Storm’. We had lots of fun designing and making houses for the animals who had lost their homes in the storm. It was brilliant to see children applying their phonic knowledge so confidently to label their pictures. In maths we have been using the language longer/shorter/longest/shortest. We have...

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