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Termly Spellings

The spellings out laid out in patterns, which are highlighted in red and taught in class each week.  However, it is sometimes difficult to ensure all 10 spellings fit the pattern.

Please note these spelling may be subject to change from time to time.


Low Risk

Medium Frequency / Yr 2

Medium Risk

Years 3/4



Badge, Edge, Bridge, Fudge, Huge, Change, Charge, Bulge, Village


Dis- and mis- have negative meanings. In- can mean both not and in.

Disappoint, Disagree, Disobey, Misehave, Mislead, Misspell, Inactive Incorrect, Illegal, Illegible

25/09 Gem, Giant, Magic, Giraffe, Energy, Jacket, Jar, Jog, Join, Adjust Immature, Immortal, Impossible, Impatient, Imperfect, Irregular, Irrelevant, Irresponsible, Redo, Refresh

Sound /s/(c) and /n/ (kn or gn)

Race, Ice, Cell, City, Fancy, Knock, Know, Knee, Gnat, Gnaw

Re - means again or back, sub - means under, inter - means between or among

Return, Reappear, Redecorate, Subdivide, Subheading, Submarine, Submerge, Interact, Intercity, International


/r/(wr) and /I/(le)

Write, Sritten, Wrote, Wrong, Wrap, Table, Apple, Bottle, Little, Middle

Super - means above, anti - means against, auto - means self or own

Supermarket, Superman, Superstar, Antiseptic, Anticlockwise, Antisocial, Autobiography, Autograph

Suffix - ation

Information, Adoration


-el and -il

Camel, Tunnel, Squirrel, Travel, Towel, Tinsel, Pencil, Fossil, Nostril, Devil

Suffix -ation

Sensation, Preparation, admiration

Suffix -ly

Sadly, Completely, Usualy, Finaly, Comically, Happily, Angrily


-al and -y

Metal, Pedal, Capital, Hospital, Animal, Cry, Fly, Dry, Try, Reply

Suffix -ly

Gently, Simply, Humbly, Nobly, Basically, Frantically, Dramatically, Publicly, Truly, Duly


Y chnaged to i before es and -ed

Flies, Tries, Replies, Copies, Babies, Carries, Copied, Copier, Happier, Happiest

-sure, -ture, -er endings

Measure, Treasure, Pleasure, Enclosure, Creature, Furniture, Picture, Nature, Adventure, Teacher


Adding endings

Cried, Replied, Copying, Crying, Replying, Hiking, Hiked, Hiker, Nicer, Nicest

-er endings

Catcher, Richer, Stretcher

-sion endings

Division, Invasion, Confusion, Decision, Collision, Television, Possession


Adding endings

Patting, Patted, Humming, Hummed, Dropped, Dropping, Sadder, Saddest, Fatter, Fattest

Suffix -ous

Poisonous, Dangerous, Mountainous, Famous, Various, Tremendour, Enormous, Jealous, Humorous, Glamorous


a before l and ll and sound o

all, ball, call, walk, talk, always, other, mother, brother, nothing

Suffix -ous

Vigorous, Courageous, Outrageous, Serious, Obvious, Curious, Hideous, Spontaneous, Courteous, Accidentally


Sound -ey and a

Key, Donkey, Monkey, Chimney, Valley, Want, Watch, Wander, Quantity, Squash

Endings -ion and -ian

Invention, Injection, Action, Hesitation, Completion, Expression, Discussion, Confession, Permission, Admission

11/12 Word, Work, Worm World, Worth, Warm, Towards, Television, Treasure, Usual

Endings -ion and -ian

Expansion, Extension, Comprehension, Tension, Musician, Electrician, Magician, Politician, Mathematician, Attention


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