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Hello and welcome from the Year 6 team!

We are looking forward to another exciting, fun filled and busy year. We can’t escape all the hard work that is needed to get the children ready for the SATs. However, we try to ensure creative opportunities are also sprinkled throughout the year. From the action packed PGL trip in September, to eating ice creams on the beach of Hunstanton in the summer – it will surely be a year your child will never forget!  

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The actors, directors and writers of Year 6 triumphed at the Pantomime Awards this week. With an expert audience of Year 1 children experiencing the thrills, chases and gags, the other children shone as they performed.

Six different pantomimes were chosen including examples based on The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, Runpunzel and Cinderella. The audience joined in enthusiastically in booing the villains, singing the songs and cheering the victors.

There were laughs aplenty as the slapstick overflowed with custard pies, water spills and lots of falling over. Each group had worked hard not only to write the pantomimes and act them out but also to design and make sets and costumes for a totally professional event!

The children returned to school to find they had traveled back in time to the 3rd September 1939. Their teachers were so much stricter and spoke very correctly. The handwriting was tricky but at least multiplication tables were unchanged. When the air raid siren sounded, the only place to shelter was under their tables - what a relief when they heard the all clear.

For those children who missed Mr Chamberlain's speech in church on Sunday, the BBC kindly repeated it so that everyone was made aware that Britain had declared war on Germany after the invasion of Poland. This then explained the necessity for them to complete an identity card and prepare for evacuation to the countryside.

Year 6 had a fantastic trip to the pantomime last Friday. Cinderella, at the Arts Theatre in Cambridge, was a triumph. There was singing, dancing, magic, puns, audience participation and topical jokes aplenty. The children were amazed by the fabulous scenery, in particular the carriage and horse that took us into the interval. The costumes were elaborate and flamboyant, with the ugly sisters in particular having amazing wardrobes!

Having returned to school, the children are now working in groups to write their own pantomimes. These will be performed to the Year 1 children in the New Year. 

Recently Year 6 have been learning about light. Light travels in straight lines and this means that it can be easily directed using well placed mirrors. In 6R, we learned about how periscopes are used in a variety of situations to allow the viewer to see over, under or around objects. We made our own periscopes using old juice cartons and mirrors set at a 45 degree angle to one another.

We have also written explanation texts about the uses of mirrors including instructions for making your own periscope. Did you know, the word periscope comes from the greek 'peri' meaning around and 'scope' meaning to look?

6M will be making their periscopes next week.

The year is 879AD, and in a small viking village the craftsmen and women are worried. There is news of a possible attack by the Anglo-Saxons. However, work cannot stop, there are still candles and pots to be made and weaving to finish. What will happen next? How will we know about these events in the year 2019?

The school hall was transformed on Wednesday 6th November into a viking village, with all the children in Year 6 in full costume. Over the morning they had the opportunity to try out a variety of Viking arts and crafts such as illuminated writing, making ink and candles, decorating pottery, weaving and pendant making. They also had some lessons in Viking warfare, including archery and using staffs and shields. They were unfortunately afflicted with a range of medical issues such as an infected cut on the leg and treated with traditional medicines such as infusions of radish and garlic!! I'm sure they felt better after that. Throughout the morning, the story of the attacking Anglo...

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