Year 4

Hello and welcome to Year 4 

This year, 4M will be taught by Miss Wild and Miss Sharp. 4R will be taught by Miss Webb. Between us, we have a mix of experience and new ideas, a range of subject specialisms and talents!

We begin our learning in year 4 by travelling back through time to discover what happened when the Romans invaded Britain. 


In the spring term, we shall find out about the Mayan peoples of Central America, looking at their art, architecture, writing and mathematical systems – a wonderful cross-curricular topic! Our learning in the summer term will be all about food. This topic will have a scientific and geographical focus, and include the opportunity to taste some dishes from around the world.

We are looking forward to getting to know the children and their families, and to working together throughout the year.

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This week, year 4 children were fortunate enough to escape the classroom and handle genuine artefacts at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology as part of their learning about the Ancient Maya. The museum teacher led an interesting session about how to read a Maya carving of King K'ahk Tilliw Chan Yopaat (ask your children how to pronounce this!) before allowing them to examine and identify some Maya objects. All the children were a credit to Milton Road and were suitably exhausted upon return. 

Year 4 have started 2020 with a hop, skip and a jump with their new PE unit on Country Dancing. They enjoyed listening to some traditional folk music and practising counting from 1 to 8 before learning the moves to some group dances. The children galloped with gusto and (nearly) all managed to stay in time with one another! It was lovely to see how enthusiastic the children were - we even spotted some children reenacting the dances on the playground at lunch time. They are looking forward to learning how to 'dosey-doe' and 'strip the willow' in the coming weeks!

On Thursday, the Romans invaded year 4! There were plenty of fierce soldiers, some very regal emperors and lots of beautiful, handmade costumes. 

The day started with preparations for a fabulous feast in the afternoon. We learnt how to make bread, measuring ingredients and having a go at kneading and shaping. The children watched in amazement as their dough doubled in size while it proved in the warmth of the classrooms.  Unlike the Romans, we popped our loaves into the ovens in the school kitchen to bake. Mr Abel earned his 'Hollywood Handshake' by expertly cooking the bread and sorting the washing up!

In the afternoon we learnt all about a Roman board game discovered in the remains of a villa at nearby Colchester. The problem is, archaeologists still aren't sure of the rules of the game. So, the children were given a board and asked to come up with some of their own. They had great fun devising strategies and beating their friends before it was time for the great banquet...

Did you know your brain produces electricity? Year 4 have been learning about how neurons inside our brains send and receive signals. These build and strengthen pathways to help us learn. We learnt that the neuroplasticity of our brains means that the more we practise a skill, the stronger these connections become. We have all set ourselves three challenges in the hope that we will be able to mould our brains before the end of term! So if you see Miss Webb trying to do keepie-uppies before school, you'll know why! Do ask your children what they have pledged to learn and support them with this where possible.

The children in 4R have been busy learning about Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni. They located the Iceni on a map of Celtic tribes, learning that she inhabited the area we now know as Norfolk. They spotted the Trinovante tribe too, who used to live in Cambridgeshire. 

The children listened in horror as they heard about the serious betrayal Boudicca had suffered at the hands of the Roman soldiers, after the death of her husband. 

In groups they thought carefully about Boudicca's predicament, listing reasons for her to fight and those for her to give in. The debate was powerful and thought-provoking, with children arguing passionately for both sides. In true democratic style, we put it to a vote. The consensus was clear, 4R thought Boudicca, and the Iceni, should go into battle. 

The children's next job was to get into role as Boudicca, ready to rally her tribespeople for war. They each wrote a persuasive speech hoping to convince the rest of the tribe to follow them into battle. We were very...

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