Year 3

Hello and welcome to Year 3!


We are very excited to explore the world of Ancient Egypt this Autumn term, before delving into 'The Stone Age' in the Spring and finishing with a geographical focus on 'Rivers'. 


The Year 3 team, this year, consists of Mrs Bulman and Miss Smith. Mrs Bulman is really looking forward to encouraging a love of reading within Year 3 and increasing children's familiarity with a wide range of books, while Miss Smith is especially excited to promote our school values within the curriculum and celebrate the many achievements and kindnesses of the children every day. 


We would like to thank you in advance for your support and encouragement as the children navigate their learning journey this year. 

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This week, Year 3 had the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of rocks and fossils when they visited the Sedgwick Museum. Children explored the museum first, identifying each end of the timeline that runs throughout the museum. Working in groups, children investigated different types of rocks, their features and their potential uses. Despite it being a geology museum, children were set the tricky challenge of finding objects that were man-made, such as tools. When we arrived back to school, enthused by the trip, some children even began their own rock collections and managed to discover a variety of rocks around the school grounds, including a large sheet of slate! All of the children thoroughly enjoyed their experience.

This week, Year 3 immersed themselves in Christianity, specifically stories from the Bible, for their RE day. We had lots of thoughtful discussions about what comes to mind when we hear the words Christianity and Bible, before moving on to look at the story of Noah's Ark in the Old Testament. Children then responded creatively in whatever form they chose, with many opting to draw a rainbow and annotating it with what they had learned from the story about God. Through drama, children put themselves into the parable of the Good Samaritan from the New Testament. They then thought further about how this relates to us today and who constitutes 'our neighbour'. The children were great at describing ways they could help others and acknowledged that they should try to help everyone. To conclude, children looked at a New Testament letter, which discusses the fruit of the Spirit. Children reflected on how the fruit of the Spirit links to our school values and rights and responsibilities. They th...

Year 3 have been getting busy and active during maths this week! We applied our multiplication skills to work out how many outfits Mr Williams could have if he was going on holiday with 4 t-shirts and 3 pairs of shorts. Mr Williams was very thankful for our input in this!

 We then spent some time experimenting with arrays, how they are constructed and what information we can infer from them. We are definitely mastering our multiplication topic and are looking forward to learning how to use the formal written method!

Following on from all the skills they have learned this term, Year 3 took part in a friendly game of football in PE. Both classes mixed together and had a great time playing short matches in small teams. We were very impressed with how well children worked in their teams, showing each other respect and kindness, as well as having a great time! Lots of fun was had and lots of goals were scored. Well done year 3!

To enhance and consolidate our understanding of the Ancient Egyptians and their customs, we created our own canopic jars out of bottles, modroc and clay. We spent the morning carefully moulding modroc around our bottles, making sure it was smooth and without any gaps. In the afternoon we sculpted a head from clay in the form of one of the Egyptian sons of Horus (jackal, baboon, human or falcon). Once everything had dried, the following day we painted the canopic jars, decorating them with hieroglyphics and colourful Egyptian patterns. However, we thankfully didn't use them as they were originally intended! 

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