Year 1

Hello everybody and a big welcome to key stage 1.


This year we will be covering a wide range of exciting topics such as: Explorers – Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong, Inventions  through time, Fairy Tales , Kenya and Growing .


Highlights of the year include:  Discovering a brand new planet, an awe-inspiring trip to King’s College chapel, visiting the fascinating Museum of Cambridge, holding a magnificent Fairy Tale Ball and meeting  real  African animals at Linton Zoo!


Our topic question for this term is…

What would happen if the world was flat?


Looking forward to a fun and exciting year ahead with all the children!!

Ms Boyd and Mrs Mac.

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Greeting Earthlings! We are all from the planet Zog……or are we?

In year one in the last couple of weeks we have been expanding our Neil Armstrong topic by travelling to a new planet. At the request of an alien King Quizov we travelled to planet Zog and witnessed the terrible situation that the zogights were in. Their planet had been shifted out of the sun’s orbit and was moving into outer space, getting colder and colder. What could we do to help?

The children identified the problems of being too far from the sun and came up with ingenious ideas as to how to move the planet back into the correct orbit, for example devising a giant mechanical arm to scoop up Zog and move it, sending special laser powered rockets to drag the planet back.

They wrote a letter to King Quizov to explain how they were going to help and what items they were going to bring with them to help restore the planet, such as seeds, water, hot water bottles, blankets and so on. The children have been really excited about...

Wow! It is a new half term and the children have joined us joyfully and with huge enthusiasm.

Our project this term is Neil Armstrong and the famous landing on the moon. This is a great year to be learning about Neil Armstrong!

At the end of the last half term the children planned and then wrote an imaginative fantasy story. This was based on The Tunnel by Anthony Browne. We were very impressed with the children’s creative ideas and their ability to record them. Their stamina for writing has really improved and they are starting to check and edit their work.

In maths we have been finishing off place value work using a wide variety of apparatus and have more recently been adding and taking away numbers. Again we have been impressed with the children’s concentration and eagerness to learn.

A great start to a smashing new term!

Please could all parents/ carers check that their children have outdoor PE clothes suitable for the colder weather.

Many thanks,

Ms Boyd and Mrs Mac

We are fully immersed in our project about Christopher Columbus. The children have really enjoyed our role play activities and writing a diary as if they were on board one of the ships. We have been looking closely at adjectives and verbs and…adverbs! The children can see how including these features really enriches their writing.

The children have looked carefully at two paintings by the painter Salvador Dali related to Christopher Columbus. They have loved learning about Surrealism, and creating their own dreamlike paintings. This has inspired some wonderful descriptive writing too and has led onto looking at Anthony Browne’s stories and particularly his illustrations. The children have really enjoyed finding strange images such as a dog taking a man for a walk!

In maths we have been looking at odd and even numbers this week and counting in twos.

We are very impressed with the overall behaviour of all of year 1 children and we appreciate your support in making the transition times run a...

Following parents evening a number of parents were asking about Apps, Websites and ideas to work with your children on their maths. This booklet has been produced by the Cambridgeshire maths team highlighting some of the best sites etc. available. Please have a look by clicking on the image below.

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