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Winter is coming

As the weather has started to cool down we have been thinking about winter. The first frosty mornings caused great excitement. The children had fun exploring the ice in our garden prompting lots of impromptu scientific experiments to investigate melting. We read One Snowy Night by Nick Butterworth and challenged ourselves to make beds for the different animals who had been caught in the storm. Why not check out the story at Milton Road library, or watch it on youtube.


In phonics we have learnt l, ll, ss, as well as tricky words ‘to’ and ‘into’. Next week we will be moving onto phase 3.


In maths we have been focussing on the number 7. We have been challenging the children to make 7 in different ways as well as recognising the numeral. This week we have also been on a shape hunt around school. It was great to peek into other children’s classroom and check out the courtyard too! Please help your child consolidate their knowledge of 2d (flat) shapes at home. They should be able to recognise circles, triangles, squares and rectangles. Perhaps if they spot any out and about they could take a picture and upload it to EExAt to share with their friends at school. We have also been describing the properties of shapes e.g. “It is a circle because it has one curved side” or “It is a triangle because it has three straight sides.”


We have been gathering together before home time to practise our Christmas play songs. It is lovely to hear the children singing together and working as a team.  We can’t wait to see them perform on the stage!


Next week we will be continuing our winter theme by thinking about animals that hibernate.


The Foundation Stage Team