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Welcome to Year 3!

Year 3 have had a fantastic start to the year! They have really embraced all of our new topics!


We have begun learning about Myths and Legends in English, Ancient Egypt in Topic and Light and Darkness in Science. We have begun learning French, practised our hockey skills and met a few of our special class mascots! 


There have been lots of highlights of our first week in Year 3. We very confidently acted out the myth 'How the Troll was Tricked,' created our own human timeline on the playground to learn about chronology and painted our own desert scenes using careful blending.


In Active Maths,  we played a special game of Yahtzee to practise our place value skills. We had to get the highest score we could for each category but we had to match the criteria, such as 'a number with 6 in the hundreds place' or 'a number whose digits add up to 11.' It was fantastic to see Year 3's enthusiasm for this activity and the kindness they showed towards each other- you could really see their team spirit!