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#WeAreCrew - Our Ethos & Values



The image above of everyone in the same boat is displayed in classrooms and around the school and reinforces a central idea of our shared ethos. We are crew not passengers.


Everyone has unique talents and skills and everyone has a part to play in making our school a happy, healthy and brilliant place to be. Our pedagogy at Milton Road is inspired by many educationalists including the work of Ron Berger and EL Education.


Being part of crew, whether as a child or an adult encourages a strong sense of belonging and accountability (for our social behaviours and actions as well as our scholastic and creative endevours) which leads to personal and collective growth. #WeAreCrew


A crew is a group of about 15 people. Colleagues and children work and learn in crew. The size of the group promotes psychological safety and dialogic learning and ensures everyone is heard and is able to contribute. 

Our Take Five Agreements 

At Milton Road Primary School rather than a list of rules and bi-laws, we have a set of sustainable agreements that are there for everyone in the school community. There are only five of these to remember and only as many as can fit into one hand!  These are displayed in classrooms and at the start of every term are revisited so that the children can think about practical ways in which they can realise the Take 5 Agreements. 

 Please take a look at them and talk about them with your child and family.


1. Take care of yourself

2. Take care of each other

3. Take care of your learning

4. Take care of your school, community and world

5. Take care for the Future