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Viking Day

This week, Year 6 embraced the spirit and creativity of the Vikings. Throughout the morning they experienced a whole range of practical tasks, re-creating the methods the Vikings partook in, 800 years before.


Weaving was an integral part of many a Viking home. The children learnt the skills and the sheer focus needed to create the most beautiful woven patterns. Many of the children found this a real therapeutic and relaxing experience.

Traditional methods were employed to create ‘coiled’ pots. The children, with expert skill, forged a variety of different pots, with fantastic results


Teamwork was key as the children created Viking ‘Soda’ bread. The resulting loaves, in all the groups, were especially impressive. The children going home, at the end of the day, with massive chunks of bread to devour.


The children also enjoyed the experience of creating beaded jewellery and the carving of Viking runes.


A great morning was had by all and the children left with a little more hands on experience of the life and times of the Viking people.