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Values and Learning

Showing our Values as Learners 

At Milton Road Primary School, we understand the importance of children developing positive learning behaviours.


Learning behaviours are a set of skills that are needed in order for children to be effective learners. They support children in being able to respond positively to tasks and engaging well with others as part of the learning experience.


There is an important link between our 6 key values and effective learning. We believe that in order to be an effective learner children should be displaying our values of:


  • Respect

A respectful learner allows others to focus on their learning and values the views and opinions of others. They understand the need to concentrate in lessons on their own work, and let other children complete theirs. They are interested to hear other children’s opinions and are respectful of these. They present their work in a neat fashion.


  • Responsibility

    A responsible learner is someone who values learning and takes care of their learning resources. They use learning resources to  seek new ways to solve a problem if an answer is not clear. They take responsibility for their learning by challenging themselves and wanting to find out more or learn new concepts. They listen carefully to, and act upon, feedback in a focused way to improve their learning. 


  • Kindness

    A kind learner is someone who supports others with their learning. They share their ideas and resources with others. They listen carefully to the ideas and opinions of others and value different viewpoints that are shared. A kind learner thinks of other people and can empathise with the thoughts and feelings of others. They focus on their learning and let others focus on their learning too.


  • Creativity

    A creative learner is prepared to take risks and is imaginative in their approach to learning. They are aware that creativity extends beyond art and design technology; for example,they take risks and are imaginative with their vocabulary in English, with their problem solving in maths, their ideas in science and their movements in PE.


  • Curiosity

    A curious learner is someone who asks questions and wants to find out more. They show a questioning approach to the world around them and use research skills to find out the answers to the questions that they have raised.  They understand that there may be more than one approach to solve a problem and more than one answer. They seek solutions by exploring and experimenting with tools, techniques, resources and the environment around them. 


  • Confidence

    A confident learner is one who is willing to have a try. They are aware that learning is a process in which you might make mistakes, but that is fine because you can learn from them; they also know that it is important to  keep trying.