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The Vikings are here

The year is 879AD, and in a small viking village the craftsmen and women are worried. There is news of a possible attack by the Anglo-Saxons. However, work cannot stop, there are still candles and pots to be made and weaving to finish. What will happen next? How will we know about these events in the year 2019?


The school hall was transformed on Wednesday 6th November into a viking village, with all the children in Year 6 in full costume. Over the morning they had the opportunity to try out a variety of Viking arts and crafts such as illuminated writing, making ink and candles, decorating pottery, weaving and pendant making. They also had some lessons in Viking warfare, including archery and using staffs and shields. They were unfortunately afflicted with a range of medical issues such as an infected cut on the leg and treated with traditional medicines such as infusions of radish and garlic!! I'm sure they felt better after that. Throughout the morning, the story of the attacking Anglo-Saxons unfolded and by lunchtime the decision was made to pack up and abandon the village.


In the afternoon, the children returned to the site of the village but in the year 2019, and acting as archaeologists had to excavate, clean and identify finds before deciding which craft stall the objects belonged to. 


It was an amazing day and everyone learned so much: from the runic alphabet to the antics of the mischievous elves. Thank you to 'History off the Page', all the adults who helped with this fantastic day, the PTA who subsidised the cost and to Mrs Cobbe for organising it.