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The Romans invade year 4!

On Thursday, the Romans invaded year 4! There were plenty of fierce soldiers, some very regal emperors and lots of beautiful, handmade costumes. 


The day started with preparations for a fabulous feast in the afternoon. We learnt how to make bread, measuring ingredients and having a go at kneading and shaping. The children watched in amazement as their dough doubled in size while it proved in the warmth of the classrooms.  Unlike the Romans, we popped our loaves into the ovens in the school kitchen to bake. Mr Abel earned his 'Hollywood Handshake' by expertly cooking the bread and sorting the washing up!

In the afternoon we learnt all about a Roman board game discovered in the remains of a villa at nearby Colchester. The problem is, archaeologists still aren't sure of the rules of the game. So, the children were given a board and asked to come up with some of their own. They had great fun devising strategies and beating their friends before it was time for the great banquet!


The tables were laden with our freshly baked bread and all sorts of other delicacies brought in by the children. We were relieved nobody brought in any dormice or elephant trunks! 

Everyone tucked in to olives, cheese and dried fruit as well as tasting some Roman wine that smelled suspiciously like blackcurrant squash. It was lovely to see the children sharing the food they'd made together and to celebrate the end of our topic in style!