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The Power of Kindness

This week we have been thinking about 'Kindness' and why it is one of our school values. What is it about kindness that is so important? 


We learnt about the power of kindness  (and the power of unkindness!) through lots of different games. 


In 'Round One’, you had to get all of the toothpaste out of the tube. We found this very easy!


However, in ‘Round Two’ we had to put the toothpaste back in again! This was much harder!

We learnt that this is like our words. It is very easy for unkind things to slip out, especially when we feel very angry or frustrated, but it is far harder to take them back again.



After this, Miss Smith showed us two apples. Miss Smith had picked both of these apples from her garden this morning, they were exactly the same in every way. We decided we really liked one apple. Everyone said kind things about it. We told it it was juicy, healthy, shiny and delicious. We said it was the nicest apple we ever saw.


This apple we decided we didn’t like, even though it was no different from the other apple. We told this apple it was disgusting, ugly and wormy. We said we would never want to eat that apple.


Miss Smith cut both of the apples open. The apple we said kind things about was very healthy inside. The apple we were unkind to was bruised and browner inside.

This shows how people feel inside depending on the things we say to them and the way we make them feel. If we are kind, people feel good inside. If we are unkind to them, we make them feel bad on the inside even if on the outside they smile or pretend it doesn’t bother them.


In our last activity, we each had a piece of paper on which we wrote down all of the ways we could be unkind to people, such as calling them names, not letting them play, hitting, kicking or shouting at people. Then we screwed the paper up, to get rid of all the unkind things.

Now, the crumpled paper represents how someone feels after those things have been done to them. Miss Smith asked us to try and make the paper look the way it had before we started. However hard we tried, we couldn’t get rid of all the wrinkles.

Finally, we decided to put everything we had learned about the power of kindness into practice. We all put our names into a hat and drew out kindness buddies. Our mission is to be as kind as possible to our secret buddy and count up how many times we can be kind throughout the week. We have a leader board to see who can show kindness to their buddy the most amount of times! However, we don’t want our kindness buddy to discover who we are so we have to try and put them off the scent by showing kindness to lots of other different children as well! This way we are really spreading kindness across our class!


We never forget how someone makes us feel. Bullying and unkindness has long-lasting effects.