Here at Milton Road Primary School, the children are regularly involved in lots of exciting activities,. These may relate directly to the curriculum, as the children get to explore different subjects and topics through things such as drama, music and art.


As a school, we are very aware of the importance and value of experiential learning, where children have the opportunity to experience things first hand. The American writer Mark Twain wrote, 'If you hold a cat by the tail, you will learn things you can learn no other way.' We know that providing opportunities for children to try things out, to experience them first hand, not only supports their understanding, but really helps to add to their enjoyment of learning.


In turn, the children regularly take part in a range of very exciting extra-curricular activities, such as musical performances and theatrical productions.

Please view the following pages to find out about some of the very exciting things we have been getting up to here at Milton Road.

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