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Shoes, shapes, and socks!

The Reception children have got straight back into their learning after a well- earned break. We have been reading ‘The Girl, The Bear, and the Magic Shoes’ and ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’.  The children have been inspired by the mystery shoes that have been appearing in the classroom. We have some budding shoe designers in our mix. Lots of ‘secret’ notes have been left for the elves playing in our classrooms.

In phonics we are revisiting phase 3 sounds with a focus on reading and writing sentences. We are also teaching spelling of phase 3 tricky words.


In our maths learning we have been learning about 3D – solid shapes. We have learnt the names of: cube, cuboid, sphere, pyramid and cylinder. We have been naming, describing and experimenting! Please consolidate this learning with your children. Perhaps you could spot 3D shapes whilst out and about or have a sort through the kitchen cupboards for some cylinders and cuboids! This week we have been counting objects in twos- wellies, socks and gloves. Again practise at home counting socks or shoes as they are put away! We have been looking at the number 16 and have practised representing it in different ways, as well as recognising the numeral.


We celebrated world book day on Thursday by dressing up as book characters and sharing stories. Reading for pleasure is so important and underpins so much of our learning at school.


Next week is science and curiosity week…watch this space for more exciting learning!