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School systems


School Information Management System (a whole school resource)            



  • SIMS is a student information system i.e. a school management information system, currently developed by Capita. It is the most widely used MIS in UK schools
  • SIMS is used by schools to manage pupil/student registration.
  • All the information you provide the school when your child first joins the school (from the admissions forms) is stored on here
  • The school will send parents/carers whole school/ class or individual emails from this system



Pay 360                                                                     

  • Pay 360 (previously Sims Pay and Agora) enables schools to sell and collect payment for items such as school uniform, school meals, educational visits, events, clubs and other school activities, in a safe and secure way.
  • This is the system you use in order to pay for your children’s school lunches. You may also receive whole school messages through this system, with announcements or important information to be aware of.


  • The benefits of using Pay360 Education Payments include:


- the ability to make safe and secure online payments at any time of the day.
- the ability to make payments via debit or credit card.

- the ability to make payments in person via PayPoint and Post Office counters.
- the ability to pre-pay for school meals.
- the ability to identify when payments are due and whether sufficient funds are available.
- the ability to receive email notifications when a balance falls below a set amount.
- the ability to view current balances and a payment history.


  • Parent/carers have these additional benefits:


- the ability to pay for expensive items (e.g. educational visits) in instalments, at the discretion of the school.
- the ability to maintain a single Pay360 Education Payments account that serves all of their children, even if they attend different schools (this is available only if all the schools use Pay360 Education Payments).
- the ability to select school meals and review previous meal purchases.
- the ability to save card details to speed up the checkout process.



School Cloud (a whole school resource)                                                                        


  • This is the system through which we facilitate online parent-teacher meetings.
  • These occur in the Autumn and Spring terms (alongside a review of your child’s progress).
  • A more detailed review is provided in the Summer term.
  • When it is time to arrange an appointment, you will receive communication from the school office. From the link provided, you will be able to sign up to a timeslot that is convenient for you. You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment. On the day/time of your appointment, you can click directly on the link in this email to join the meeting. On the day of your appointment, you will also receive a reminder.
  • Each meeting is ten minutes long and will automatically terminate at the end of your appointment time; there is a timer on screen which will help you keep track of how much time remains in your appointment.
  • Please do ask your child’s class teacher for a meeting to discuss any issues/concerns that may arise that would be more appropriate to discuss at greater length without any time constraints.