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School Governance

A Committed and Talented Team of Governors

Every school has a governing body, whose role is similar to that of the board of a company or the board of trustees for a charity.  Governors, which includes the headteacher are the strategic leaders of schools and have a vital role to play in ensuring every child gets the best possible education.  Governing bodies have a statutory role and responsibility to support & challenge the school to raise academic achievement and promote pupil welfare.  

Governors support, encourage and challenge the headteacher and staff.  Our core strategic functions are:

  • ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction,
  • overseeing the headteacher's capability to manage and lead,
  • overseeing the school's educational and financial performance.

The Headteacher presents a report at each Governing Body meeting, commenting on the life of the school in general and progress in relation to the targets laid out in the school’s development plan.​​

You can find out more about the work of our governing body in our school’s newsletter and by reading the minutes of our Full Governing Body meetings.  


You can contact the Chairs of the Governing Body, Matt Hodgson & Iain Thomas, through:
The School Office:

Direct email: 

or using the school's postal address:

Milton Road Primary School

Ascham Road




Our Ambition


Our Ambition 2020


Our ambition is for Milton Road to become a leading practitioner of values-based education and an outstanding school in which all children thrive academically, socially and emotionally.  


Milton Road’s children will develop curiosity, creativity and confidence in their learning, nurtured by a strong sense of respect, kindness and responsibility.  Children leaving Milton Road will be ready for secondary school, with core values embedded in a reflective, resilient approach to learning and life beyond school. 


We expect that high quality teaching of our values-based, engaging curriculum will enthuse all Milton Road’s children, who will make excellent progress through the school.  If we get this right, we would expect progress and attainment results to be high, within the top 10% nationally.


Our 3-year strategic plan

In line with our core purpose, identity, environment and skills; as the basis of a plan to achieve our ambition, our strategic actions are:

  • To strengthen and leverage leadership at all levels;

  • To transform teaching and learning via values-based education;

  • To recognise and build on Milton Road’s strengths;

  • To collaborate with other schools (in hard/soft partnerships, or both).