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Run to Rome!

We are sure you have heard your children talking about the daily mile. This half term, we have decided to use this daily session of activity to develop the children's understanding of how far the Roman army marched before reaching Britain. We are aiming to cover the distance from Cambridge to Rome by Christmas. Each class is counting their laps of the field, then calculating how many miles they have collectively covered and plotting these on a map. So far both 4M and 4R are paddling in the English Channel! 


Marvellous Mosaics 

When you come to parents' evening in the near future, be sure to enjoy looking through your child's sketchbook. The children have been busy collecting ideas and practising techniques for their own mosaic design. We began by finding out about Roman life by looking at examples of mosaics. The children are working towards showing something about their life through their finished piece. Look out for mosaics of ipads and footballs on display in the school soon!