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As part of our science topic on light the children have been looking at mirrors – how they work and their different uses in history and today. We learned that periscopes have been used for many purposes over the years. You probably associate them being used in submarines, but did you know they were also used by soldiars in WW1 to look over the tops of the trenches? They can also be used to explore pond life from the safety of dry land.

 Last week, we made periscopes using old juice and milk cartons. First the children, carefully cut the tops from the cartons using craft knives. Next they cut an eyehole in the carton to look through. Then they made a cut at a 45 degree angle to put in a mirror. They then had to repeat the process with the other carton before taping the two cartons together to form a working periscope.

The classes were then very busy exploring the environment with their new gadgets, looking over window sills, round doorways and corners to read the messages their partners had written for them.