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Pedagogic Curriculum Principles

A Learning Compass

Our currciulum design around a compass is based on various theoretical models to ensure that we offer a well-rounded, place based curriculum that prepares our young people to be good citizens able to make their world an even brighter place.

We want our children to have a good sense of self, to be able to self-regulate and co-regulate and be confident in thier uniquie identity. (South)

We want them to be supported to develop a wide rage of creative, emotional and social skills to know to keep themsleves safe and to be able to form positive relationships both in person and on-line. (East)

We want our children to have access to a wide range of knowledge and cutural experiences (West)

and finally we want them, through opportunites of voice, choice and agency to recoynise how they cna contribute positviely to making thier world an even better place. (North)

Our pedagogic principles for KS1 and KS 2 build on the EYFS principles.