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Parents - Getting in touch with us


We believe clear communication with parents helps the school to support the education and development of your children, as well as the smooth running of the school. This website provides a wealth of useful information and guidance on our school and how we operate.


Modes of communication

The school wants to collaborate with you to deliver the best education for your child and there are several ways we engage with you:


website   |   email |   paper letters & forms   |   in person   |   telephone

Information will routinely be delivered by your child or by email. Parents should check with their child about letters or forms on a weekly basis to avoid any breakdown of communication.


Parents are welcome in our school and teachers are usually available for consultation at short notice.  Parents can speak with teachers in the playground, but are requested to avoid waylaying teachers just before the start of school.

In addition, messages for teachers or the headteacher can be left at the school’s reception desk, by email or telephone.


Throughout the school year

At the start of term, each year group communicates the term’s curriculum and gives clear guidance on what homework to expect and how parents can support their children in their learning.


In the first two terms an open afternoon is arranged to give parents an opportunity to see their children’s work and learning environment.


Consultation meetings are held in the autumn and spring terms for parents to discuss progress and achievement with the class teacher. A written annual report is sent home towards the end of the summer term with the opportunity for a further consultation meeting if required.


Throughout the year special events enable parents to share in their children’s educational development and achievements.


A coffee morning is held every Thursday in the Community Hall between 9am and 10am. This is good opportunity to allow parents to meet and socialise over a cup of tea or coffee. Juice for the younger siblings, cakes and biscuits are also available.



The school appreciates constructive feedback on any aspects of school life.

We are aware, that on occasions, a parent may want to raise a concern. As a school, we know that clear and careful communication is often successful is resolving issues. If you do have a concern to raise, we have provided additional information, via the link below, as to what steps to take.