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Milton Road Primary School

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Our School Vision

Our School Vision

School plays a key role in a child's overall development, beyond academic success.

We promote six key values which underpin the work we do:


Respect      |      Responsibility      |      Kindness      |      Creativity      |      Curiosity      |      Confidence


All children, staff and families are encouraged to demonstrate these values in the way they behave and interact with others.​

Through an exciting and engaging curriculum, as well as through explicit teaching related to these values, we aim to support all the children to make a positive contribution to the school community as well as preparing them for 21st century society.


We have a clear vision for all members of the community at Milton Road Primary School.


We inspire our children to:

  • Experience a broad and balanced curriculum

  • Develop lively enquiring minds and a love of learning

  • Have high self esteem

  • Work with independence

  • Value and care for others

  • Be successful

  • Have their achievements celebrated

  • Feel safe

  • Become good citizens

  • Contribute positively to the international community

  • Care for their environment

  • Be self-disciplined and courteous

We rely on our governors to:

  • Work as friends and partners of the school

  • Know the school and staff well

  • Offer constructive advice

  • Promote the school in the wider community


We support our staff to:

  • Continue raising high standards of teaching and learning

  • Develop professionally

  • Feel valued and supported

  • Be successful

  • Have job satisfaction

  • Enjoy a healthy work-life balance

We encourage the parents to:

  • Feel welcomed in school

  • Work in partnership with teachers

  • Be well informed by clear communications

We want the wider community to:

  • Develop good relations with our school

  • Broaden our horizons