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Message from the PTA

New PTA fundraising model: enjoy our free festive celebration and donate via the school fund

The aims of the PTA are to celebrate our vibrant school community and to raise money for the school. Usually we can combine these aims by getting everybody together. Sadly, this year that is n’t possible. We need to raise funds, whilst acknowledging that every household’s situation is different. Most importantly we hope to share as much cheer as we possibly can within current restrictions.

To adapt to the current situation:

  • We will run free, joy-fuelled events, starting with the ultimate covid-safe Christmas party. This will include Panto, treats, music, games and other surprises. It will take place during the school day within bubbles. Wide eyes and big smiles guaranteed!
  • We encourage you to make voluntary contributions to the school fund. This allows one-off contributions (large or small) as well as regular monthly payments. These regular payments have, in the past, been our second largest source of income, after events, and are vital during this time.
  • We will partner with companies, such Flowers By Elizabeth Jane, who have generously agreed to donate a share of their profits to the school. Lizzie, the owner of Flowers By Elizabeth Jane will donate 20% of orders made before 31st January to the PTA if you state in the comment box that you are a Milton Road parent. Please get in touch ( if you have a business and are able to make a similar offer.

In past years, the PTA has funded the Key Stage 1 playground, the classroom SMART boards and a host of specific smaller requests from the school – from bean bags for reading nooks, to cameras. This year, as well as putting on events, we will be funding a school-wide maths scheme (Maths no Problem, £11K) and a new phonics scheme (Storytime Phonics, £2.5K).

Covid restrictions have seen our events turnover halve from the 2018-19 to the 2019-20 school year and there is, as-yet, no prospect of running our usual events moving forward. In the last school year, you (via the PTA) donated over £35k to the school. Assuming, with some optimism, that we could run events from the spring, we could hope to raise only about a third of this amount.

In these unequal times we ask those of you who are able to, to give generously to the school fund, bearing in mind how much you might usually spend on PTA events during the year. This type of giving is now more important than ever, so that we can continue to help make the school experience for our children the best it can be.

Finally, and most importantly we hope that you and your children enjoy the festivities that we will be putting on and, like us, feel lucky to be part of this wonderful community!


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