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Mutual Respect

Our Values in Action - Mutual Respect 


At Milton Road Primary School, we value the opportunity to  celebrate our different backgrounds and beliefs.


Through a focus on our key value of Respect, we support children in ensuring that respect is shown to everyone, regardless of differences, and that it is shown to our school and wider environment. In turn, we seek to help children understand that it is acceptable to have strong beliefs and to uphold them firmly, but that it is important to understand that other people can have equally strong, differing, beliefs, which must be respected.


Through RE lesson and Collective worship/assemblies children are supported in developing an awareness and appreciation of other cultures and religious beliefs. Other areas of the curriculum are also used to help children develop their understanding of other cultures and religions - for instance, Geography, Art and History.

Through topic-related activities such as debating, children are helped to develop skills of listening to others and respecting their points of view, as well as being able to clearly articulate their own.

The children have the opportunity to visit different places of worship as a way of supporting their understanding of different faiths. In turn, visitors to the school (often family members) share customs related to their particular faith and beliefs, and this helps to widen children's understanding.

We have a clear anti-bullying policy at school, which promotes the key idea that all should be treated with respect by those in the school community, so that they are able to flourish in a kind, supportive and tolerant environment.