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Magnificent Mummies!

This week Year 3 had the exciting opportunity to practise the skills of mummification, thankfully not on a person but on an orange instead! Using their knowledge of how the Ancient Egyptians used to mummify people, the children applied this process to create a mummified orange. Children worked respectfully and kindly in small groups to carefully cut open their orange before scooping out its insides (like the internal organs of a person). Once completed, the orange had to be dried thoroughly before a combination of spices, bicarbonate of soda and salt could be added inside. Just like the Ancient Egyptians buried their mummies with amulets and other jewels to aid them in the afterlife, children added their own amulets and cloves to their oranges. Finally they wrapped their oranges tightly with bandages before they were placed in a warm, dark cupboard where they shall rest for the next few months! Why not give it a go at home?!