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Happy New Year to all and a new decade too!


We have launched into our new topic all about inventors and inventions. Last week the focus was on the Wright brothers, who were the first people to fly an engine powered plane. We really got into this project mapping out in the playground the total distance of the first flight and showing, using the school building the height at which the plane flew. The children made up questions at the beginning of the week that they would like to ask the Wright brothers. Later in the week they tried to find the answers using a variety of sources.  The children made simple paper gliders which they then flew in the playground and measured the distance s that they travelled, using non-standard units i.e. their feet.


Unsurprisingly our topic in maths is measuring length and height! Last week the children used a variety of non-standard measuring units. This week we have moved to measuring in metres and centimetres.  WOW!


There has been a whole school focus on the theme of gratitude and to reinforce this the children all wrote thank you letters to show appreciation for all the wonderful experiences that they had during the holiday. We hope you enjoyed reading them.


Last Friday we were all lucky enough to receive an invitation to The Amazing……Incredible….Inexplicable pantomimes all created and acted out by the talented children in year 6. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience….Oh yes they did…. 


They were a wonderful audience!


This week continuing on with the flight theme we are looking at Leonardo Da Vinci and his invention sketches. We will also be looking at the portrait of the Mona Lisa!


In science we are looking at identifying different materials and their properties and we will be carrying out an experiment based on Leonardo da Vinci’s parachute.


In English we are looking at non-chronological reports using vocabulary such as heading, sub-heading, caption, technical vocabulary labels and facts.


Our outdoor pod areas need some beautiful enhancements. If any parents have any colourful plants we could have that would be MARVELLOUS!


Thanks for all your continued support

Mrs Mac and Ms Boyd