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Greetings to all our parents and carers!

We are fully immersed in our project about Christopher Columbus. The children have really enjoyed our role play activities and writing a diary as if they were on board one of the ships. We have been looking closely at adjectives and verbs and…adverbs! The children can see how including these features really enriches their writing.


The children have looked carefully at two paintings by the painter Salvador Dali related to Christopher Columbus. They have loved learning about Surrealism, and creating their own dreamlike paintings. This has inspired some wonderful descriptive writing too and has led onto looking at Anthony Browne’s stories and particularly his illustrations. The children have really enjoyed finding strange images such as a dog taking a man for a walk!


In maths we have been looking at odd and even numbers this week and counting in twos.


We are very impressed with the overall behaviour of all of year 1 children and we appreciate your support in making the transition times run as smoothly as possible.  Thankyou! Ms. Boyd and Mrs Mac