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Greetings Earthlings!

Greeting Earthlings! We are all from the planet Zog……or are we?

In year one in the last couple of weeks we have been expanding our Neil Armstrong topic by travelling to a new planet. At the request of an alien King Quizov we travelled to planet Zog and witnessed the terrible situation that the zogights were in. Their planet had been shifted out of the sun’s orbit and was moving into outer space, getting colder and colder. What could we do to help?

The children identified the problems of being too far from the sun and came up with ingenious ideas as to how to move the planet back into the correct orbit, for example devising a giant mechanical arm to scoop up Zog and move it, sending special laser powered rockets to drag the planet back.


They wrote a letter to King Quizov to explain how they were going to help and what items they were going to bring with them to help restore the planet, such as seeds, water, hot water bottles, blankets and so on. The children have been really excited about the planet Zog and our adventures! They are making up their own stories based on Zog including new problems and their inspired solutions!


We have been REALLY thrilled with their writing and the real kindness and compassion shown towards the zogights!


In maths we have been thrilled to work on the teens numbers in a wide variety of ways, using a great range of apparatus and models. Again we have both been soooo impressed with the work and real understanding that the children have shown.

Rehearsal for the nativity Born in a Barn are well under way. You are all in for such a treat!