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Governors are the school's strategic leaders and have a vital role to ensure every child gets the best possible education.

You can contact the Governing Body through the School Office or by emailing:

Matt Hodgson, Co Chair of Governors



Matt was elected a parent governor in March 2015. His children are in Years 2, 4 and 5. He volunteered because he wanted to assist the school on its improvement journey and felt that the financial experience he had gained from his day job might be a beneficial addition to the governing body’s skill set. He believes that a sound financial footing and obtaining best value for money are important foundational elements of success for the school.


Iain Thomas, Co Chair of Governors



Iain became a parent governor in 2015.  He has one child are in year 5 and one child who has recently moved on to secondary school.  He volunteered because he felt his professional experience (team and board management) and strong interest in high quality education for all could contribute to MRPS.  He is Head of Life Sciences at Cambridge Enterprise, University of Cambridge where he and his team build biotech and pharmaceutical commercial opportunities from basic research.  He is a keen bird watcher, squash player and climber. 


Alison Hall, Staff Governor



Alison has been working at Milton Road Primary School for just over 2 years as Inclusion Manager. She coordinates the extra support given to children to help them to overcome any academic, emotional or social barriers to learning. Before working at Milton Road, Alison was briefly a Year 4 teacher at St Paul's primary school here in Cambridge and prior to that she worked at a school in Manchester for ten years. Alison has also been a parent at Milton Road for over 10 years, with children in Year 9 at Chesterton and Y3 still at Milton Road. She hopes to represent the views of the teaching staff to the governing body and also to offer an insight into the day to day practicalities of life and learning for the children at school.


Neil Morris, Parent Governor



Neil is a parent governor with two daughters, one in Year 3 and one in Year 1, and a nephew in Year 4.  He is on the resources committee where he hopes to use his experience of working overseas as an engineer on the planning, financing and management of  water supply and water resources projects in a different sphere.  He also believes his wide experience of working with people from different countries, cultures and religions is useful. 


Drew Crisp, Parent Governor



Drew joined the governing body in September 2018 as a Parent Governor and has two daughters in the school. Drew is an Exec at IBM where he is the leader of digital services for varying industries. He wanted to join the governing body to break from the corporate bubble and give something back to the school!  He hopes that his skills and experience in stakeholder management, corporate strategy and contract / budget management will be beneficial. He is passionate about helping every child receive the best education possible, achieved through a difficult balance of financial management and optimising available resources.


Miriam Kubica (Cornish) , Parent Governor



Miriam was elected a parent governor in 2015. In May 2019 at the end of her term she became a co-opted governor.  She has been a MRPS parent nine years. She has seen three children through the school and has one left in Year 5.  She volunteered because she wanted to support the school and believed both her personal and work experience could prove useful. She is interested in child development, believes in educational excellence for all children and building a strong, cohesive, and caring school community. 


Sylvie Baird, Co-opted Governor



Sylvie joined the governing body in 2012, having moved from London with her young family, who are at Milton Rd. Sylvie is half French, studied Italian and German at Caius, Cambridge and an MBA with the OUBS.  Sylvie worked on Save the Children’s organisational ambition and strategic planning.  Her belief that every child deserves the best start in life was sparked by working as a volunteer with children. 


Ysanne Austin, Co-opted Governor




Ysanne has been a governor for over 15 years. Her own children, the youngest now in his late teens, enjoyed Milton Road School making friends and developing a thirst for learning.  Ysanne brings many years of governor experience to the Board and a breadth of educational knowledge. She has a wide interest in education as an education consultant and project manager working with schools across the UK, education publishers and government departments. She is also a governor at Brunswick Nursery School, Coordinator of Cambridge Early Years Teaching School and a local Cambridge City Councillor. 


Jonathan Pilgrim, Co-opted Governor



Jonathan joined the governing body in December 2017, bringing resource management expertise. Jonathan is Head of IT at The Challenge and previously worked at Amnesty International, Sue Ryder and the London Business School. Jonathan is the stepfather of 2 children at MRPS, in Years 6 and 3. As a volunteer, he has lent technical expertise to the development of the school's computer suite and decided to support the school more strategically. He enjoys competitive rowing.


Lizzie Digby, Co-opted Governor



Lizzie joined the governing body in March 2018. She has lived in Cambridge for most of her life and worked as an early years teacher for ten years prior to the birth of her first child in 2017. Lizzie believes in providing the best possible opportunities to all children and in helping them develop self-awareness, creativity and good social skills. She hopes her experience as a teacher will enable her to contribute helpfully to the governing body.


Anna Meadows, Co-opted Governor



Anna became a governor in September 2018. She moved to Cambridge having lived and worked overseas for nearly 18 years in Sydney and Singapore where, as a parent, she experienced different education systems and approaches. Anna is a market researcher and behavioural science consultant and has significant experience working with multicultural teams. She became a governor because of an interest in the potential application of behavioural science in education and a wish to become more involved in the local community. 


Richard Wielechowski, Co-opted Governor


Richard became a governor in October 2018. Having first come to Cambridge as a student, he has lived in the city for over 15 years. Richard works in finance and research and has significant experience appraising corporate strategy and financial performance. He became a governor because of his desire to give something back to the local community and a belief he can help Milton Road Primary School via his financial knowledge.

The Committees

The governing body sets the remit and focus for the following committees:


  • Teaching and Learning Committee

  • Resources Committee

  • Head Teacher Performance Management Committee

  • Pay Committee


Governors are assigned to Committees, but there is an open invitation to all Governors to the Teaching & Learning Committee and the Resources Committee Meetings.  The Head Teacher sits on all the main committees.  Governors share collective responsibility as a governing body and individual governors will act as champions for particular areas.

The Governors meet regularly to review the work of these committees and evaluate the school’s overall effectiveness.