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Fancy a spot of cricket?

Year 3 have been very lucky lately as we have had an expert cricket coach, Steve, teaching us all of the skills needed to play the game! We have had weekly sessions focusing on key areas such as throwing, bowling, batting and catching. It has been wonderful to watch children's confidence improve as they have become more adept at these skills, giving every task a go and trying their hardest. Each session has also been a great opportunity to show our value of respect as we have encouraged each other and helped each other improve. We're really looking forward to the last few sessions and who knows, you might see some of us at The Oval soon! 


Week 2 Summary of English and Maths


English: continuing to immerse ourselves in 'Tales from other cultures', including practising our storytelling, using instruments to help us!
Maths: exploring formal written methods of addition and subtraction - column addition and subtraction for 3-digit and 2-digit numbers