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Exploring Islam

This week, we began our unit on Islam. First, we thought about what Religious Education means and how it links to our school values, before moving on to explore what Islam is. We went for a hunt around the classroom to discover many facts about the Islamic religion and life as a Muslim. We were really surprised to learn that Islam is the 2nd most popular religion in the world, and that the word Islam comes from a word meaning ‘peace’. We discovered that Muslims have 6 main beliefs, such as Allah being the 1 true God and that he had special messengers called prophets. To try and answer the question, “What is life like as a Muslim?” we have begun exploring what Muslims mean by the ‘5 pillars of Islam’. Just like pillars help to hold up a building and make it strong, so the pillars of Islam help Muslims to keep their faith strong. We made our first pillar all about faith (shahadah), thinking about what faith means to us. We then dedicated our second pillar to prayer (salat) and explored ritual washing to gain a better understanding of what it means to pray as a Muslim.