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Eco Parliament


Milton Road’s eco parliament is group of 26 creative and enthusiastic children, who have been elected to represent the views their class. At the beginning of each year each class holds a simple election to choose their school councillors.

School councillor need to have the following characteristics:


  • Friendly

  • Approachable

  • Responsible

  • Good listener

  • Co-operative


Making a real difference

The children hope school council is effective; representing the views of all children and getting things done. We:

  • Put ideas together

  • Communicate with Governors

  • Discuss important issues as directed from the head teacher

  • Work on in-school issues

  • Do surveys

  • Help with funding raising

  • Take an active role in keeping the school spit spot.

  • Feedback what is discussed to children in  our classes

  • Bring class views to future meetings

  • Provide background work for things the school needs e.g. The bins outside, tablecloths for Aspens