The values that we cherish are not inevitable. They are fragile and need constant renewal.     
- Barack Obama

Former President of the USA

  Showing our Values as Learners 

At Milton Road Primary School, we understand the importance of children developing positive learning behaviours.


Learning behaviours are a set of skills that are needed in order for children to be effective learners. They support children in being able to respond positively to tasks and engaging well with others as part of the learning experience.


There is an important link between our 6 key values and effective learning. We believe that in order to be an effective learner children should be displaying our values of:




A respectful learner allows others to focus on their learning and values the views and opinions of others.


A kind learner supports others with their learning.


A curious learner is someone who asks questions and wants to find out more.


A responsible learner values learning and takes care of their learning resources.


A creative learner is prepared to take risks and is imaginative in their approach to their learning.


A confident learner is someone who is willing to have a try.


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