The values that we cherish are not inevitable. They are fragile and need constant renewal.     
- Barack Obama

Former President of the USA

                                                                       Our Values in Action - The Rule of Law

At Milton Road Primary School, we understand that rules and laws have a very important role to play in helping us and protecting us. We have a clear and consistent behaviour management system which helps to promote positive behaviour. In turn, our focus on our 6 key values helps to encourage the building of respect for self and others in the school community.

We have school rules which help to ensure that not only do things run efficiently and smoothly, but that the school is a positive and safe place for everyone. If children make poor choices which break school rules, they are encouraged to reflect on their behaviour during periods of ‘time out’.

In our classrooms we think about and discuss class rules which help to make the classroom a positive place for everyone.

During our RE lessons and our PSHE lessons, we spend time thinking about the idea of rules and laws and the effect that these have on individuals and on society as a whole. The children are supported in developing their understanding of right and wrong through such lessons.

Collective worship/assemblies are used to reinforce key messages about the value and reasons behind laws

Our Young leaders provide sporting activities for the younger children during lunchtime breaks; they help the younger children take part and introduce them to the idea of rules of the game, which help to ensure that the activity is safe and can be enjoyed by everyone.


The rule of law is the basis of any democracy. And without the rule of law in democracy, you have chaos. Meles Zenawi

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