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Governing Body Committees

The Milton Road Primary School Governing Body has four Committees.  Governors are assigned to Committees, but there is an open invitation to all Governors to the Teaching & Learning Committee and the Resources Committee Meetings.  The Headteacher sits on all the main committees.  Governors share collective responsibility as a governing body, however, we have agreed that individual governors will act as champions for particular areas. 


Governor membership of the committees is as follows:

Teaching & Learning Committee


  • Ysanne Austin - Chair

  • Iain Thomas

  • Sylvie Baird

  • Lizzie Digby

  • Anna Meadows 

  • Ali Hall (alternate attendance at Resources Committee, as staff governor & Inclusion Manager)

Resources Committee


  • Matt Hodgson - Chair

  • Iain Thomas - Vice Chair

  • Ian Nimmo-Smith

  • Neil Morris

  • Jonathan Pilgrim

  • Richard Wielechowski

  • Ali Hall (alternate attendance at T&L Committee, as staff governor & Inclusion Manager)

Head Teacher Performance Management Committee


  • Iain Thomas - Chair

  • Ian Nimmo Smith

  • Sylvie Baird

Pay Committee


  • Neil Morris - Chair

  • Ian Nimmo-Smith

  • Iain Thomas

Area Champions

  • Pupil Voice - Ian Nimmo-Smith

  • EYFS - Ysanne Austin

  • Safeguarding - Sylvie Baird

  • Staff Wellbeing & NQTs - Iain Thomas

  • Behaviour - Miriam Kubica 

  • Health and Safety & Governor Training - Neil Morris

  • Inclusion & Vulnerable Groups - Lizzie Digby

  • Equality - Anna Meadows