CB4 Schools' Partnership

CB4 Schools’ Partnership is an independent association of local schools in North Cambridge (CB4) and comprises 14 schools from the Primary, Secondary and Special School phases.


Our Purpose

The purpose of the partnership is to:

· Provide a forum in which the matters of concern to schools in the CB4/North Cambridge locality may be discussed by head teachers;

· Create and sustain a professional learning community centred on the schools within CB4 Schools.

· Provide an overall vision for schools across the cluster.

· Act as a representative body to further the interests of schools in the CB4 Schools cluster.

· Encourage the creation and dissemination of best practice in primary, secondary and special education.

· Engage in collaborative projects aimed at enhancing the quality of learning and teaching in schools across the CB4 schools cluster, together with improved progression and outcomes for young people.

· Undertake activities that promote the value of education and seek to highlight joint and/or collaborative activities run by member schools.

· Make best and most efficient use of resources.


Find out more about the achievements ongoing work of CB4 Schools by visiting the Partnership’s website at: www.cb4schools.org.uk


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