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Boudicca's Rallying Cry!

The children in 4R have been busy learning about Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni. They located the Iceni on a map of Celtic tribes, learning that she inhabited the area we now know as Norfolk. They spotted the Trinovante tribe too, who used to live in Cambridgeshire. 

The children listened in horror as they heard about the serious betrayal Boudicca had suffered at the hands of the Roman soldiers, after the death of her husband. 


In groups they thought carefully about Boudicca's predicament, listing reasons for her to fight and those for her to give in. The debate was powerful and thought-provoking, with children arguing passionately for both sides. In true democratic style, we put it to a vote. The consensus was clear, 4R thought Boudicca, and the Iceni, should go into battle. 


The children's next job was to get into role as Boudicca, ready to rally her tribespeople for war. They each wrote a persuasive speech hoping to convince the rest of the tribe to follow them into battle. We were very impressed by the powerful and emotive language used. Each child was invited to give their speech to the rest of the tribe, complete with sword in hand. They did so with gusto and we all enjoyed getting into character as the Iceni tribe. The room was quite raucous by the time the bell rang for break!