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10 Dec 2019

Recently Year 6 have been learning about light. Light travels in straight lines and this means that it can be easily directed using well placed mirrors. In 6R, we learned about how periscopes are used in a variety of situations to allow the viewer to see over, under or around objects. We made our own periscopes using o...

11 Nov 2019

Poppy Day

Yesterday we marked Remembrance Day, with a minute’s silence on the school playground at 11am.  We gathered, as a school, in a huge rectangle and were so quiet that we were just able to hear the cannons that were sounded in the centre of Cambridge.  We thought about the importance of the occasion and about our...

7 Nov 2019

The year is 879AD, and in a small viking village the craftsmen and women are worried. There is news of a possible attack by the Anglo-Saxons. However, work cannot stop, there are still candles and pots to be made and weaving to finish. What will happen next? How will we know about these events in the year 2019?

The scho...

15 Oct 2019

In Science, Year 6 are learning about evolution. This week we looked at how animals adapt to their habitats. Mrs Wilson hid different coloured paper butterflies in a hedge. The children had to measure the distance they could spot the different colours from. We returned to the classroom to draw graphs of our findings. W...

15 Oct 2019

This week, Year 6 have been visiting the Sedgwick Museum to learn more about two amazing scientists: Mary Anning and Charles Darwin. The children looked into Darwin’s early life and his voyage on the HMS Beagle. They saw examples of his tools, notebooks and some of the specimens he collected. They imagined that the Bea...

3 Oct 2019

Year 6 have started their Evolution science unit of work by investigating birds’ beaks. After looking at the diagram below, produced by Charles Darwin after he visited the Galapagos Island, the children used different equipment to model different beak shapes. It was discovered that a nutcracker, emulating a strong thic...

27 Sep 2019

Year 6 had an amazing time in sunny Lincolnshire last week on their fantastic PGL trip. With excitement in the air, they piled onto their coach for the first part of their adventure. Upon arrival at Grafham Water, the children participated in bushcraft activities and climbing challenges.

 After a packed lunch, it was of...

25 Sep 2019

The children have settled quickly into their new classrooms and have enthusiastically engaged with our Year 6 topics. They are already finding out about South America and have started an art project which will culminate in a piece of textile work inspired by the Mola of the Kuna people of Colombia.

 In science, they hav...

31 Jul 2019

We welcome new prospective parents to our Open Evening on Wednesday 6th November from 6:15pm. Milton Road is a happy, warm and successful school where learning is an adventure. Come and find out about our ethos, values and vision. Hear from Headteacher/National Leader of Education, Rachel Snape and Deputy Headteacher N...

23 Jul 2019

Learning activities are interesting and capture pupils' imagination. Pupils describe learning as 'fun' because teachers make it interesting, with practical activities and visits.

Classrooms are a 'hive of activity'.

(Ofsted '19)

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