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21 Jan 2020

At Milton Road 'We are Crew!'

This means we work together as a team, like the crew of a ship or of a rowing boat.  We value everyone's contribution - children, staff, parents.  Come and join the adventure!

20 Jan 2020

We all have a right to be safe and to be happy. 

We have a right to learn and a right to achieve. 

Our responsibilities are to be caring and gentle, to be kind and to care for ourselves, our classmates, our community, our grounds and of course, the world. 

20 Jan 2020

Happy New Year to all and a new decade too!

We have launched into our new topic all about inventors and inventions. Last week the focus was on the Wright brothers, who were the first people to fly an engine powered plane. We really got into this project mapping out in the playground the total distance of the first fligh...

20 Jan 2020

Year 3 have been getting busy and active during maths this week! We applied our multiplication skills to work out how many outfits Mr Williams could have if he was going on holiday with 4 t-shirts and 3 pairs of shorts. Mr Williams was very thankful for our input in this!

 We then spent some time experimenting with arra...

20 Jan 2020

Year 4 have started 2020 with a hop, skip and a jump with their new PE unit on Country Dancing. They enjoyed listening to some traditional folk music and practising counting from 1 to 8 before learning the moves to some group dances. The children galloped with gusto and (nearly) all managed to stay in time with one ano...

20 Jan 2020

The actors, directors and writers of Year 6 triumphed at the Pantomime Awards this week. With an expert audience of Year 1 children experiencing the thrills, chases and gags, the other children shone as they performed.

Six different pantomimes were chosen including examples based on The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Rid...

11 Jan 2020

Foundation stage have settled back into their learning and routines beautifully! We have been reading ‘The Gingerbread Man’ this week. We have learnt the story using actions which has been great fun! The children came up with some inventive ways to help the gingerbread man cross the river.

In phonics we have been revisi...

11 Jan 2020

The children returned to school to find they had traveled back in time to the 3rd September 1939. Their teachers were so much stricter and spoke very correctly. The handwriting was tricky but at least multiplication tables were unchanged. When the air raid siren sounded, the only place to shelter was under their tables...

19 Dec 2019

Happy holidays everybody!

We have been getting ready for Christmas at school. We have been busy making salt dough stars, carefully measuring out the ingredients we need to apply our maths skills. We have also been learning about the numbers 9 and 10. 

In phonics we have learnt y, z, zz, and qu as well as tricky words: ‘m...

13 Dec 2019

Year 6 had a fantastic trip to the pantomime last Friday. Cinderella, at the Arts Theatre in Cambridge, was a triumph. There was singing, dancing, magic, puns, audience participation and topical jokes aplenty. The children were amazed by the fabulous scenery, in particular the carriage and horse that took us into the i...

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